A hero - notably from Mexican history (Emiliano Zapata); a leader; someone who challenges convention
He was so Emiliano when he rescued the cat from the sewer
by blueowl7 December 25, 2008
Top Definition
Emiliano is one hell of a guy. He might be a bit of a dick to people he doesnt personally know, but if you get to know him personally, you will easily fall in love with him. he is amazingly smart, sporty and always outgoing! You are extremely lucky if you know an Emiliano :)
A: "Dude, did you talk to Emiliano today?"
B: "Yea he was so nice! I love him <3"
by luciester September 15, 2011
Someone who wears skinny jeans and masturbates frequently thinking he has a big penis because he believes asain people have smaller ones.
Girl 1: "Hey did you hear he masturbates everyday?"
Girl 2: "Yeah, omg he is such a emiliano!"
by GetActive December 18, 2010
Someone who think's they know everything. They usually are COMPLETE DOUCHE BAGS; they smoke a lot of weed and are raging alcoholics. They may also be theatre freaks and are known for their homosexual lifestyles.
Emiliano: "Stop eating"
you: "why?"

Emiliano: "You're fat"
you: )':
by biggest bitch ever(:< November 17, 2010
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