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An igbo (a nigerian language) name meaning "has done well". Usually begins with a prefix (Chi or Chukwu) like Chukwuemeka, Olisaemeka or Nnaemeka all meaning "God has done well".
He was named Emeka as an appriciation to God.
by Anderson Mba July 11, 2006
A male African Igbo name which means "great deeds." Also a nickname for the full name Chukwuemeka. It is particularly popular among Nigerians.
Emeka Agbeze might make it to the NBA if he works on his jumpshot.
by Emmy Award November 20, 2006
A hand signal in which you hold down your ring finger with your thumb so only your pinky, middle finger and index finger are up. It means: Peace, Love and Unity
I used the 'Emeka' as I walked past some people fighting

I used the 'Emeka' to calm down the crowd

I used to 'Emeka' as I marched down the street in the peace parade.
by SamYoung May 11, 2011
Peace, Love and Unity.

It is the hand signal that has the thumb holding down the ring finger, pinky upright and the middle and index finger upright next to each other. This is the 'Emeka', which means; Peace, Love and Unity.
I silenced the crowd using the 'Emeka'
I walked past a bar fight with the 'Emeka'
I halted a gang in their path just by using the 'Emeka'
by samanthayoung May 13, 2011
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