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Smart, hardworking people who win scholarships to attend top 50 colleges in the United States. Great athletes, too.
Over a quarter of the black hard science majors in the US are Igbo.
by Naija girl October 25, 2003
One of the many tribes in Nigeria and is one of the most prominent ones
P1: I am from Nigerian
P2: Cool what tribe?
P1: Igbo, you?
P2: Yuroba
P3: So your place is full of people running around naked throwing spears?
P1&P2: Get out.
by HELO999 April 23, 2016
International Gay Bowling Association
-Gay Guy/Lesbian Chick: Hey i love to bowl, Im gonna join IGBO. High Five!!

-Gay Guy: Ohh Noooo! Im kicked off the team because of my orientation.
-Other Gay Guy: Join IGBO, its non-discriminatory, and a blast.
by Barstow March 25, 2009
african slang for "weed"
stop smokin igbo
by Mobbin October 23, 2003
a beautiful type of flower found in the secret gardens of Bunfumi. Only one human being has seen it, Olas Fielung, the man who ate tons and tons of pumpkin mermelade.
what a beaaautiful igbo!
by saffron February 09, 2004
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