Ellie is an awesome person!! If you don't know an ellie, you have to meet one. She will be your best friend, you can confide in to an ellie. She won't tell anyone your secrets unless she is worried About you, She has a great taste in music. If your a guy and you like an ellie, go for her! She can be a bit bitchey at times but who isn't. Don't get on ellies bad side of course because if you do, you'll be sorry, you will lose the only friend you've ever had.

Her hugs are great and shes great for cuddling.

Go find yourself an elli!
OMG ellie is such a great friend!

you have to have an ellie
by SUCK MY DICK March 19, 2015
The most amazing person. She is an amazingly cute person. she rocks out and sing 24/7
wow; did you here ellie sing today?
by crazyzebragal October 15, 2015
pretty beautiful elegant girl to know ellie is a delight
sam: omg its ellie do i look ok
charlie: yes do i

ellie: hi boys
by sophie1234567890 September 23, 2015
The most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She has the best personality and has the kindest heart. Her friends are lucky to have her most of the time. Ellie's also experience hyper mood swings and can become very annoying to those around. Most of the time people will want to punch her for her moods but her friends are kind. She is a cunt to be around when aggravated though.
Wow she is such an Ellie
by The_cuntbag December 23, 2014
A bitchy girl. usually anorexic looking and alien looking. they think their the hottest thing ever put on the planet when they really look like an 80 year old alien woman
ew no she's such an ellie, its disgusting.
by Dude2019 September 25, 2015
Ellie is one of these girls who likes to talk, she will text all day and talk all night. If you sit next to her in a class or at work, take my word - you will get nothing done! She isn't easily amused and it takes a lot of work to become her friend. She has a social ladder in her mind, she will reject you and not pleasantly if you're not high enough on the ladder. Ellie is uptight because of past relationships and finds it difficult to move on from her past - but you will never see that side of Ellie because she talks so much you never see behind her mask. Ellie is damaged goods, but amazing at heart when you get there.
Anna: OMG. Does Ellie ever shut up?
Simon: No, I think she's giving me a mental block.
Rachel: You a mental block? She's ruining my Geography coursework.
by samsamspam April 10, 2011
Some girl who can be terribly bitchy towards people,she has hurt them,she has really nice eyes and a good complexion.very very skinny.shes the big momma.selfish but reeeeeeeeally funny bro
Person: eyo,its that girl Ellie!

Person: ey man i know its an Ellie! I can tell by the way she stares at people bro!
by RatchetGirl16829 February 15, 2013

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