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A West coast street term for Law Enforcement. L.E. because it sounds like the abbreviations sounded together.
Better watch your back, Ellie is out doing another sweep.
by may's July 19, 2010
similar to bump, but instead of doing the drugs off a key or credit card, it has to be snorted off an erect cock.
used especially by gay men in cruise bars & clubs: "Hey mate, you fancy an Ellie?"
by eyeloverobbie February 22, 2011
a girl who loves to get drunk and walk around the house naked. very smexi & i luv my wifey 4 lyfy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx kizz kizz
i want that lovey dovey kiss kiss kiss ellie
by grashen August 12, 2011
Blond hair, blue eyes, rosy cheeks, fair skin, don`t tan well, get sunburned easily, NEVER A GINGER, HATE singing, love music, animal lover. YOU DO NOT WANT TO GET IN A FIGHT WITH THIS GIRL SHE WILL GET BITCHY. Definite Air-head.
Girl #1- Why doesn't she hang with us?
Girl #2- Why should she hang with us?
Giirl #3- she has all the boys
Girl #4- Maybe she`s an ellie
by TEdward4ever March 22, 2010
likes to touch men's penis'
she just touched conor's penis

she's such an ellie
by CH1 February 04, 2010
A person who destroys cars with every chance she gets
OH, i heard that she is an ellie. i dont want her driving
by U-CAN-call-ME-ubi February 24, 2010
A psycho bitch attention whore who thinks the entire world revolves around her and when she realizes it doesn't, threatens suicide. She sucks. There is nothing good about her. She's not even pretty.
Person A: Ugh, look. It's Ellie.

Person B: Is she crying, again?

A: Ugh. yes. I hate her.
by Just379 November 17, 2011