Ellie ... The most amazing person in the world , funny and sexy very attractive . She has mad obsessions . sort of person you would take home .very good at everything . Just is useless at speaking languages except from gibberish .Her writing makes no sense but her fashion does . owns all the brands designer clothes she has it . And Tesco clothes .Pure amazement . Everyone wants to be an Ellie . :)
Person 1 : Woah look at that girl...
person 2 :Dude she an Ellie !
by Niall plonta Horan February 09, 2013
An amazing girl who can always make you laugh, no matter how bad you're feeling. She's had countless boys fancy her, but has rejected every one of them for the one guy she loves and will always stay true to, even with his blind reluctance. She may have her insecurities blinding her from her own inner and outer beauty and she may think honest, heartfelt compliments are lies, but that doesn't change the fact that her brilliance is very real to everyone who spends more than two minutes with her and that her beauty is perfectly visible to everyone who sees her. Anyone who has the honour of being close to her should cherish and protect it, because that is one of the most amazing things you'll experience and if you lose her you may never quite get over her.
"Ellie's my bestfriend, I'm so lucky to have such a funny, clever, caring, kind, trustworthy, amazing person as my friend, I don't ever want to lose her."

"We used to be really close but now she really doesn't like me... I'd do absolutely anything to have my friendship with her back"
by MonnyMon May 20, 2014
A brown haired girl with a blondes mind. Always smiling, cheeky, fun. Making people laugh with her dumbness. Very clumsy but love able. Can be a bitch or a slag but who can't? Great in bed and an amazing person.

Can be jealous but always hides feelings with a smile.
guy1#: hey you know ellie?

guy 2#: yeah shes great in bed!

guy1#: i know!
by victory21345 February 19, 2012
The best friend anyone could ever have or even ask for. Ellies are fun, hilarious, easy to talk to, and weird. You can do anything you want to no matter how Embarrasing it is with her, and she will do it with you, no doubt.
Ellie has never lied to me, and is always caring. If I was dyeing, I know that she would want to die with me.
I could never imagine my life without her. She has changed me, but in a good way.
Ellie is the most loyal, caring, supportive, honest person I know.
by totallytotestotestotally October 22, 2014
Her laughter ends up sounding like Pewdiepie' s on occasion, which earns her some odd looks from her mates and people around her. She is an okay singer but an amazing writer, and the only reason why her drama levels are low is because her mates keep distracting her and making her laugh, meaning she corpses loads. Her friends are just as hilarious and amazing as her, and she tends to make friends with people who have the same last name as a book character and who's names are a month. She is in love with many YouTubers and she is a YouTuber herself, her favourites are Dan, Phil, PJ, Chris and Tyler Oakley. She always tends to fall for guys who are generally a bit older than her by a few months or a couple of years, and it often takes her a while to get over them. She is crazy and loud, and you can't help but smile at her failures in life. She also has a minor crush on Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco and Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance.
Girl 2: You must be an Ellie then.
Girl 1: That I am.
by SkullsAndCrosses October 29, 2013
Amazing friend so amiable and awesome! Everyone needs an Ellie! She is very kickass and protective of her friends! You'll love her if you get on her good side. Don't try to put her down because only YOU will end up on the floor! So empathetic! Any guy would be lucky to have her!
I wish I had an Ellie!
by PositivelyAlive467 December 06, 2014
At first sounds and appears innocent, but as soon as they opens their mouth its quite clear Ellie is a wild child ready to party 24/7 7 days of the week. Ellie's are usually found outside late at night smoking cigarettes/rollups/spliffs.

They are smart and have always got something to talk about, whether its gossiping, bragging, chatting shit or telling stories they've always got a way to make her friends laugh.

They are very dramatic and if something has pissed Ellie off your gonna know about it. Whether its her complaining about how cold she is or why the service at a bar is shit, Ellie will make sure everyone knows that she is not happy.
But shes mainly found on the dance floor drink in hand, boobs on show, smiling and bopping away, posing for pictures and snogging boys. Ellies have been found to be the highlight of most peoples night.
Girl:"did you see that girl Ellie, on the dance floor? her boob popped out whilst she was dancing and she didnt give a f***!"
Guy:"Yeah shes got great tits"
by raenor June 16, 2014

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