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Can be nerdy pretty or not. Her hair is always a mess but she doesn't care. Her compliments sound like disses and her disses disceptively sound like compliments. Always in a relationship and loyal. :) If she loves you she loves the hell out of you, will defend you no matter what, will do anything for you. She only likes people she considers genuine. If you don't like her do not waste your time, she will know and hate you more for faking it. If she doesn't like you she won't be mean, she'll be short with you. If you are rude to her once, you might as well be invisible to her. She loves people that yell the truth even if it's rude, like kids and old curmudgeons. She's really funny if you like an evil sense of humor. It takes a lot for her to warm up but if she trusts you and likes you, you hold a special place in her heart forever. Think Emily Dickenson without the poems.
Elizabeth, do you have to listen to that Journey song again?!!!
by Elizabeth12345 February 04, 2010
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