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The sweetest, prettiest, hottest, greatest person in all of the universe.
Elisha Cuthbert is a goddess.
by Justin May 09, 2004
261 99
The sexiest woman in the world. She was in 24, the best show EVER.
Elisha cuthbert is so damn hot.
by odj September 09, 2005
763 208
The most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and that's saying something.
Man, that Elisha Cuthbert is easy on the eyes.
by Josh B. March 24, 2004
565 170
By far the sexiest woman i have EVER seen in my ENTIRE life. She as played in films such as The Girl Next Door, Old School, Airspeed, and TV shows such as Lucky Girl and 24.
Elisha Cuthbert is hot.
by aqueas May 23, 2004
399 109
Words can’t describe her you have to see her for yourself:
by Tobias August 23, 2004
341 103
A BEAUTIFUL young canadian actress who is making big marks in Hollywood.
Dude Elisha is fucking hot.. She's the hottest girl I've ever seen.
by AC March 20, 2005
266 63
The hottest babe alive. Talk about some wood
I watched the Girl next door 12 times and still expierence wonderful bliss everytime I see her.
by The Stiffmister April 10, 2005
235 75