the hottest person in the world..
I cant explain her in words... shes just amazing
by Unkown Stranger. November 20, 2004
The hottest chick ever to leave Canada
You may know Elisha Cuthbert from the girl next door or 24, but i thought she was hot back in her Are You Afraid of the Dark days.
by CHRIS!!!! April 24, 2005
Calgary's finest biotch.
Fuck, not only is Alberta rich in natural resources... wait, ASS is a natural resource. Nevermind.
by Jordan October 14, 2004
The hottest girl in the world... watch the girl next door you'll see what I'm talking about....
Example: If you ever see Elisha Cuthbert you will most likely feel your stomach drop to the ground.
by Cali4niaBreez September 25, 2005
i think Mrs. Elisha Cuthbert is the most beatiful woman in the world and i would love to meet her even though i know that is never going to happen she has a smile to die for and she is so cute yet so beautiful yet also so sexy and i think she has it all i am sure she is smart too so i just wanted her to know she has one devoted fan who likes her and hopes she continues to look good and do well in her acting career.
by Ian Lovell i am 17 July 11, 2006

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