comes from the name Eliana, but the name elia is better. Elia is usually a loyal person, kindhearted, honest, shy, forgetful, smart, sometimes loud around friends. Elia's tend to love money so some of them are greedy when it comes to their money. They burn a whole in their pockets because they love shopping too much. Over all an Elia is someone who you may want to keep on your mind a lot.
Elia, Loyal, Friend, shy, funny, kindhearted, forgetful, Eliana, money, pockets, greedy
by myowndefinition242 October 10, 2011
Top Definition
The origin of the name Elia is very Narnian. It means one who is profoundly wonderful - and humble. Elia most often refers to a unique individual who possess many intriguing qualities such as : affectionate, loving, thoughtful, caring, devoted, enthusiastic, friendly, open minded, optimistic, sincere, trustworthy, loyal, outgoing, authentic.

But the name Elia does not mean fact it means far from perfect. The name Elia means someone who recognizes that there is more to life than here on this earth.
I will strive to have an "Elian" outlook on life.
by Kahreesa February 04, 2010
Elia is a synonym of the word legend. Elia's are sporty,funny,smart,good looking and affectionate. He is basically a living legend that makes everyone around him smile
What an Elia this guy is
by behdhxb June 02, 2016
like balls sacks in his face
elia likes balls sacks in his mouth
by dbvsja.b May 07, 2016
A HUGE hipster....
Kid 1: OMG! I love this song!
Elia: Oh, i used to like that song, but now like everyone likes it and listens to it... SO annoying!
Kid 1: Oh, okay. *She is such a hipster!*
by Aiseverywhere February 09, 2012
A synonym for slut, strumpet, harlot in a old, Mexican dialect. Elia is used to describe prostitutes that work for no pay.
That whore is such an Elia!
by Classyone April 18, 2011
A kid who snores really loud.
Elia snores loudly like a buzzsaw.
by 0_o January 13, 2005
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