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a smart,popular,and athletic wont find a guy like probably wont know one,since his name is not so popular.Hes usually with friends.
Hey,is Elian on our team?

Can I be partners with Elian?
by ean650 November 20, 2012
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Really cool guy always looking out for his friends and putting everyone first, he always tries to be healthy and looking good. He doesn't not selfish and tries his best at everything. He will never abandone you even if he tries to, and gives the best advices for any struggled you may have.
"Did you tell Elian about your problem?" "Yeah now I know what to do, he's really a good friend."
by Nfinite6 December 20, 2016
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The name Elian comes from a story, in this story, a little boy and his family came to the United States from a country in the Caribbean's, in this story all his family members die in the way to the U.S. except him, some say he that other family members took him in after the incident. He is a really nice guy and always looks out for everyone. He is not a selfish person.
“ Why do you have such a strange name?” “My name has a really sad story behind it, and at that time my parents saw the sad but beautiful story, and decided to give me the name Elian.”
by Nfinite6 January 02, 2017
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Not very popular but has many friends.He loves to play basketball and hang out with friends.He's funny,smart and any girl would be lucky to have him,and he also has a smokin hot friend named Miranda.
Get your self an Elian
by Hzhxj March 21, 2017
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