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A made up number Keanu Reeves decided to bet for Final Jeopardy.
"I bet eleventy billion dollars."
"That's not even a real number"
by Trebek December 30, 2003
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The biggest number there is; the most; used when something is extreme; used in over-exaggeration
I got stopped at eleventy billion red lights on the way here.
by Jenga650 August 26, 2006
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the most kick ass number on this planet
either you give me eleventy billion dollars or i'll fuck you to mars
by moop February 03, 2004
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Something used to Express Serious examples
I told Coolnick eleventy billion times that he is a faggot and didn't make the word up!
by Woofers June 18, 2008
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A number used by a person to prove that he is very smart, but usually has a reverse effect on the person hearing the word. Hearing the word "eleventy" used by a person usually causes spontaneous laughter throughout the day at the utter ignorance of the party who used the word. Only three people have used the word "eleventy" in the course of history.

-Bilbo Baggins, after he became the creature Gollum, said he loved the precious eleventy times eleven.

-A.C. Slater of Saved By the Bell Fame said he hated Zack Morris more than Eleventy Screeches.

-And of course the third person is whatever Ass-Hat said it to bring you to this point of looking for it.
Ex. "The odds of that happening are worse than hitting the lottery, like eleventy billion to one..."
by Little Lord Fontleroy April 06, 2017
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