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The term "Tap the Turkey" is used to describe the act of female arousal.

Use of "Tap the Turkey" must be accompanied by a comical vision where the female groin is replaced by a steaming skinless turkey, glistening in the sun.
The steaming turkey is then tapped with 2 fingers in a rhythmic fashion.

Discovered at Ben's beach house after he hooked in with Kate
Warren: "Tap her turkey Ben"
Ben: "Shut up man"
Kate: "what?"
by Moop December 04, 2004
To apply comic relief to an otherwise serious situation.
Also has sexual connotations (see "Tap the turkey")
George: "I swear if you do that again i'll kick you in the groin"

Innocent quick whitted bystander: "Work the the turkey" (childish voice)
by Moop December 03, 2004
A small penis. Comes from a wee penis.
Oki has a wenis, cause it is so small.
by mooP March 06, 2004
An audio induced orgasm

Generally the result of several hours of pron followed by death metal
"Puritania gave me an audiogasm"
by Moop December 04, 2004
the most kick ass number on this planet
either you give me eleventy billion dollars or i'll fuck you to mars
by moop February 03, 2004
The act of performing oral sex on someone with a large bean

Used casually disguised in discussion to avoid female attention
Warren: "Ben was pearl diving last night"
Kate: "what?"
by Moop December 04, 2004
Walter. or. other. people
woop is the chillest person ever!
by moop May 21, 2003

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