By default, the highest rating on a ten point scale.
"On a ten point scale I'd give that performance an eleven Lenny!"
"How fucking original Bob."
by CannibalGuppy January 02, 2005
A really hot girl. Better than a ten.
"Mate, head-to-toe that girl is gorgeous. I can't fault her. She is a definite eleven."
by Flavs September 05, 2007
even 1337er as "one". used to exxagerate exclamations
I am teh r0x0r!!111oneoneeleven
Dude, no!!eleven

by aSak October 05, 2005
The number of time zones in the former Soviet Union.
"Do you know how many time zones they have?"
"Uh, yessir. Uh, four ... uh, nosir. I never really studied that up."
"Eleven. It's not even funny."
"Eleven. That's, that's ridiculous."
by Nathew (#581476) November 03, 2005
The cardinal number that is equal to 10+1. Eleven will always preceed twelve.

The word "Eleven" is frequently seen in the form "11"
There are eleven players in a soccer team.
by mathematics December 05, 2003

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