A coffee-induced defecation. Usually marked by its sudden onset and loose consistency. Name originates from the time at which said defecation typically takes place, 11:00 AM, due to the regular day-to-day schedule in which coffee is consumed.
"And this is why our target market...BRB, gotta do elevens"
by Kablammo April 07, 2006
draw an ~ : leave two parallel skidmarks after performing burnout start with high-performance motor vehicle. See also donut.
Ron had to buy a new clutch and a set of rear tyres for his Mustang, but hey, at least he drew an eleven on Main Street.
by nvdw July 08, 2005
the number after ten that comes before twelve; my favorite number; my lucky number
eleven is the greatest number of all
by k.k. February 04, 2004
When a girl is giving head and the guy comes in her mouth so hard that the seed spurts through her nostrils, forming two parallel streams of cum, resembling the number 11.
The girl was crap at giving head, so I made her eleven just for the hell of it.
by tofukitty February 20, 2004
what one of the spinal tap amplifiers can go up to.
'wouldn't eleven be the same as ten but its just that they've added an extra notch?"

"but this goes up to eleven!"
by specky January 21, 2005
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