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3 studs, also alumni of the Hun School, all of whom have the greatest abs and hook up with whoever they want, whenever they want but only fly chicks. They have the best style on the east coast, in their high class ralph lauren and jcrew, or their fly abercrombie and fitch but they also like to keep it casual sometimes by rocking their sick lax pinnies. They blaze the highest quality turkey around with cherry pie, (the official element mascot) but thats only when they're not smashing some bud light limes or owning people at the beer pong table. They also roll with IDS till they die. Basically just the coolest three bros you could ever imagine
Elements run ishhh
by yeyy col September 25, 2009
Group of five kids at the hun school of princeton who hang out and play rock band and beer pong all night. They also get a lot of fine ass girls.

dude man those elements keep hanging out with themselves and never share the beer.
by mr. hunh March 01, 2009
A local street gang in the country of Dominica in the West Indies. This gang has territory around the Ross University Medical school campus. They use coercive grips to extort and launder money while price gouging students.

They uniform of attire is jean shorts and knee high crew socks. They are known for selling curry coke all over campus and harassing the female students.

If seen simply say no to their offers, they are usually harmless unless challenged in which case they will stop at no limit leaving storms of dust and destruction.

Originally coined in late 2010 by UrbanMD
Prices are so high on these sodas because the element is price gouging by crippling any competition.

Photogrl: OMG what happened to your face?
YZF600: Element jacked me behind KFC!
Photogrl: Wow, they always yell fat ass at me.
by Owl Manning April 03, 2011
the hot new rap/r&b sensation out of CT.
Element's bustin' out with his new single "I am the Greatest."
by HEISTHEGREATEST June 18, 2008
A great skate brand that makes really good quality clothes, especially their jeans and shoes. I'm not even that much into the skate scene, but I have a pair of element jeans and an element sweater.
The Element tree logo and their high quality make their apparel appeal to other fashion groups
by clothes guy August 09, 2007
An absolutely rubbish/pants bar in the town of Witham, Essex, England.

Used to be a pub where people were constantly getting stabbed/bottled, but was bought out, fitted with curtains (most of them on the ceilings where there are no windows) and sofas, and now you can't get in without shoes on. Knives are still allowed... As long as they are not wearing any sportswear.

Also, dressing like a complete scab is still allowed, as long as you are wearing shoes. Spliffy jeans and Naff jackets are commonly seen at the bar.

Full of weird people from surrounding towns, who are probably too scummy or unpopular to go out in their own towns.
"Alright bruv, fancy not going to the George tonight and going out for a proper night - in elements, where we can pay twice as much for a drink as we do in any other pub within a 1 mile radius?"

"Yea ok cuz, let's take my sister's penknife and stab everyone up"
by Percy Poppadom November 09, 2007
the thing that, for some reason, every bands name is one of the elements.
try to search for ANY element on urban dictionary and you'll find some gay boy band.
by MikeTazer June 13, 2007