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Pronunciation - Ele - Men - Tal

An elemental is a mythical creature which is related to a specific element of matter ( fire, earth, wind, water. ), usually they have humanlike qualities such as limbs; in some cases they have a face. In most mythology, elementals are activated by mages, not by themselves and serve the mage as a guardian and/or servant. Some elementals are displayed as ancient guardians of powerful artefacts or relics.
The crude stone slowly began to take form, growing crooked legs and arms as it rose its crippling body upward. Parts of its own body snapping off as it took full shape, lunging its mutilated arm forward. An earth elemental.
by Estragon April 21, 2008
A human-like creature that can control a certain element of matter. (Earth, Air, Water, Fire)
Snow ladies are considered elementals
by ace122 March 05, 2014
Elementals are creatures mad eup of one of the four elements.
elementals are fiece creatures to deal with.
by Smurf August 17, 2004
A very small version of a Battle Mech from Mechwarrior. About the size of a man.
Oh shit I am getting swarmed by like 50 elementals, those f*ckers are too small to hit!
by Rageaff July 18, 2005
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