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A slavic name (Егор) that is the same as Yegor, but differs from Igor. Egor is properly pronounced yegor, with the stress on the 2nd syllable and the r rrrrolled. It has a Norse origin meaning "archer-soldier." It is relatively uncommon, even in Russia.
"Anton spots them and talks with Maxim, explaining the Treaty between Light and Dark, but Maxim doesn't comply, pointing out that Egor will grow up to be a dark mage, and it's better to kill him now." --from Wikipedia's description of the movie Night Watch
by 0n fire February 28, 2010
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Someone, usually an attention whore, who feigns a friendship with others in the presumption that everyone will return that friendship, but no one likes him/her (except for the 1 or 2 attention whore sidekicks). E-gor's can often be found at places/parties where they are not accepted, invited, or liked.
"Why is she here?! This is a football/cheerleader party, and she plays soccer! What an E-gor..."
by kidsofamerica January 16, 2010
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Late 80's early 90's rockers with ripped jeans and a balding mullet that they just can't let go of. They are often seen riding there bicycle's to the beer store to return there empty's and pick up a 6 pack of there favorite beverage (12-24 when they group together). Also called an Uncle, Unc, Uncle Zeean, or "What the fuck was that"
"Let's rock Egor with the car door"
by Herb February 19, 2005
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One who give its to someone who is a dexter worddexter/word
Look at that guy egor'ing the dexter
by meow February 14, 2003
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another dumb dj who cant play ANY decent music on his station.
Sweet jesus, another crappy song on egors station.
by Deep Blue February 14, 2003
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