A bad thing see eggable
what an eggy situation
by Helmut January 28, 2003
A VERY bad smell - usually like eggs.
Nathaniel Banks - ENGLAND
by Monkeyseat July 28, 2004
To aggrivate with intent to annoy
'Tim was eggied by samantha, she kept asking him to preform meaningless tasks'; Tim would say, 'Please stop eggying me', she would reply - 'I'm not eggying you'
by flong August 27, 2003
Dying your hair ginger like a twat
Holy fuck Shahrose you did an Eggy!
by MrNoMuscle September 23, 2007
A disgusting fart which smells like rotten eggs.
"Eeeuw, someone's done an eggy!"
by Gangsta of love August 18, 2006
calum brown
calum brown
by calum brown October 14, 2003
If someone is Arsey at a situation they are eggy.

Can be used as a singular as egg... "Real egg"
Kieran: fuck sake my car won't start
Aaron: ooooh don't get eggy
by Eggywood May 06, 2015

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