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Has the whitest teeth known to man.
"I'm sheriff John Bunnell."
by Monkeyseat December 28, 2004
Main character in the hit TV show CSI. Others advice to other CSI's and comes out with many wise comments.
Sara: Grissom!
Grissom: What do you got?
Sara: The one thing you don't want to find at a murder scene.
Grissom: Another body.
by Monkeyseat May 09, 2005
The next step up from l337.
I'm l337.

Ha, I'm 1338.
by Monkeyseat April 06, 2005
Great TV crime show based in cities solving murders, robberies, kidnappings etc. and some wierd crimes!
Gil Grissom said himself Miami and New York Sucked.
by Monkeyseat May 09, 2005
Footballer for Bolton Wanderers.
Me:"Stelios Giannakopoulos is crap dude!"

Friend:" At least he's not as bad as Campo."

Me:" Meh, support Man U."
by Monkeyseat December 07, 2004
A VERY bad smell - usually like eggs.
Nathaniel Banks - ENGLAND
by Monkeyseat July 28, 2004
My favourite city in England and my home.

A great place, not as mad as London and has a wide variety of shops, restaurants and attractions.

Home of Manchester United and the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games.
And now for todays weather forcast.

Manchester; rain, 7 degrees celcius.

Just right.
by Monkeyseat June 06, 2005

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