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Eggy is when something annoys you, but not to the point of anger more just frustrating. Also when you meet a person and they're a bit strange... say like Mr Bean or Alan Partridge, these people are "Eggy"
Me: I burnt my toast.
Bird: Eggy
by Christophe October 25, 2004
when a person is in an extremely angry and/or hostile mood.

name refers to when a chick is PMSing
I was showing these pictures i took to me mates and then them came up with this idea of sending them to this magazine called shaven amateurs. Anyway, them published them and now me Julie is like really eggy.
by Didlop August 14, 2006
A funny, imaginary topic used as a joke to annoy people into thinking it is a real word.
"Fuck this for a game of Eggy!"
by KoalaBread April 20, 2015
When someone is being a downer, hostile, whiny, or just not 'going with the flow'.
Angela: we're planning a surprise birthday for Kenny tonight!
Tim: What an idiotic idea.
Angela: Stop being so bloody eggy!
by sweetness-and-light June 20, 2007
While meaning "irritating," "annoying," "uncomfortable," or "awkward," the word typically describes a state of being and no longer bears a direct relation to actual eggs. For philological purposes, it can be noted that all these denotations date as far back as 1982, as used in Naperville, IL, USA.
"He was extremely eggy in his response to me"; "Have you met that eggy lady?"; "I'm feeling a bit eggy today"; "The practice room was cold and eggy."
by hiscane February 11, 2006
The mood or feeling of a person place or thing as being uncomfortable and/or risky.
This is eggy, we should leave.
by Mr. Dinges November 17, 2012
An insulting term meant to describe someone of Arabic decent, in a lot of cases someone Egyptian, particularly in an online game.

In Conquer Online, where a particularly large portion of players happen to be of Egyptian descent, players often call someone an eggy if they are trying to constantly bargain the price of an item on the market or someone who poisons other players for fun then runs (rather, jumps) away.

It can also be used to someone who constantly bargains, trying to get items for ridiculously low prices (may even try to scam other players in that), and/or is a noob. Eggys are also known for trying to buy other players' items or pretend they are interested so they can try stealing your items.
It can also be used to describe someone who is simply annoying and is a noob.
"Shut up, you stupid eggy. I'm not selling my equipment, so go away."
"You are just a stupid eggy. Go back to Egypt!"
by rainprincess64 October 29, 2011
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