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Instead of saying 'excellent', 'great' or 'fantastic' when you are referring to:

Say 'eggcellent' you will ALWAYS get a laugh
John - "That bird just shat on me"
You - "Eggcellent"
by justaboutdonewithyourbutt January 24, 2007
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(Adj.) Something so excellent that it loses the ex- prefix and becomes EGG-. Used only in matters that deem "EGGcellent" descriptions.
-How did you do on that impossible test?
-I got a 100.
-That is EGGcellent.

I know a lot of EGGcellent facts.
by EGGceller March 19, 2009
A fart that has been released from your bunghole right after eating Raunchy rancid eggs.
That smells eggcellent!
by FartMania January 14, 2011
the word of the day for April 8th, 2007.
"that's eggcellent. because everythings!"
by SarahW April 08, 2007
When something is excellent, and my good friend Egg is somehow involved.
Egg's hockey fight videos are eggcellent.
by Muffaletta August 18, 2011

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