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When one vomits over and over in a social situation, completely blindsiding everyone. The vomiting stops, and a few seconds pass... One of your friends present says, "Dude, are you ..." You interrupt him with more vomit. No one expects it to happen, but all of a sudden... BOOM. Effinghammed.
Pete: Man! I'm so glad you suggested going out to this bar! Lots of hot women! Lots of cheap drink! The music is OH MY GOD DUDE!

Damon: :bllllluuuuuuuuurrrrrfffffppptttppppppp hhuuuuuuurppppp:

Pete: My new shoes....


Pete: Damon, are you HOLY SHIT!

Damon: :huuuuuuuuurrrrrrkkkkkk slluuuurrppppbluuurrrrtttssssss:

Damon: Ugh, (spits), sorry man. Effinghammed.
by benderwiggin July 15, 2014
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