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A small village of approx. 12,000 in east-central Illinois, located at the intersection of Interstates 57 and 70. Known to many passers-through simply as "that town with the big white cross which for some reason is clad in white mobile home siding."

Acknowledged by some as the unofficial southern boundary of intelligent civilization in the state of Illinois. . .any farther south, better break out the banjo and raise the confederate flag.

The word "effingham" is commonly misconstrued as some permutation of a curse word by individuals unfamiliar with the city's meager existence.

Interesting factoid: Effigham High School's mascot. . ."The Flaming Hearts"
"I'm from Effingham."

"What? Are you serious. . .is that really the name of the town?"

". . .*sigh*. . .yes."
by WhamBamThankYouMaam April 21, 2006

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