also, f'd in the a.

1) Expletive. 2) Office buzzword for "fucked in the ass" 3) Bad news. 4) I'm screwed. Used when you can't state the obvious around parents, cops, teachers, impressionable youth, co-workers or bosses.

See also -

- "Fuck, where are my keys?" or "f to the a, where are my keys?"

- "I got a ticket." "that's fucked up!" or "I got a ticket." "f that in the a".

f in the a literally, a sex act.
Simon got effed in the a for a promotion again!

I can't call her back because my battery's dead. Basically, we're effed in the a.
by cookster February 09, 2008
Top Definition
different way of saying fucked in the ass. can be used literaly or in the same sense as "Dude, we're fucked"
1. Yea, she got effed in the a.

2. If we get cought, we're gonna be effed in the a!
by Zach January 25, 2005
the act of being fucked in the ass hole.

can be used literally as a sexual act, or if you are just really really screwed.
i got effed in the a last night by Matt, it was great.

i am so effed in the a! I didn't do my homework!!
by EmilyG November 05, 2007
A sign of a chump off. When you diss someone REALLY BAD!!! The example below is a true story.
Dude: "I thought you said I could have the seat."
Me: "I changed my mind."
Other Dude: "Dude, you just got effed in the a!"
by Jedi_Master August 06, 2008
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