considered by many "the hottest vampire/guy in the world", he is one of the main characters of the Twilight saga by Stephanie Meyer. Personally(if you're talking about the movie), I don't think he's that hot.
perosn 1#: OMG. I'm like sooo in love with edward cullen

person 2#: what is with you, he's just a guy and he's not that hot!
by krizzywlc December 23, 2008
A fictional vampire from the Twlight series. He is apperantly "the perfect guy", so perfect in fact that all girls gain ridiculously high standards after reading about him.

Despite the fact that he is one - fictional, two - the living undead, and three - a creep that will watch girls sleep; girls still want him more and more.

He has the ability to fly, turn others into vampires, sparkle (gay), and apparently steal the girlfriend of a guy with the voted-on title "most amazing boyfriend"
Girl: Listen sweatheart, we need to break up.
Guy: Wait why? You just said that I was the most amazing boyfriend that you've ever had. Your friends even voted on it.
Girl: You are...
Guy: Then why do you want to break uo? Is there another guy?
Girl: Yes.
Guy: ...
Girl: You see, you're here *raises hand up to forehead-level* but, Edward Cullen is up here *raises other hand about 2 inches higher*.
Guy: ... Wait are you really dumping me because of a fictional vampire?
Girl: Yes...
by EdwardCullenMustDie December 15, 2009
A fucktard wannabe vampire that is in love with Bella, a fucktard herself. (Omg they should make babies of the FUCKTARD species! Oh, wait! Don't they already have a fucktard child?) He's a vegetarian vampire. A vampire that sucks on animal blood. Not human. And he SPARKLEZ? Nice, he sparkles, also. Yeah, I think Stephanie Meyer got the wrong idea of a REAL VAMPIRE. He's just a faggot pansy fairy that stalks Bella. (Apparently that's "romance" to him) Bella is even more of a fucktard that she even FELL for him! Are you serious?

P.S. If you have NOT read the Twilight Saga, DON'T! JUST DON'T! Don't touch that series if you value your brain cells. That alone is one of the government's conspiracy theories that's gonna kill us all.
Twifan: Like, Oh my god. Edward Cullen is so darn cute! You should read Twilight!

Person: Yeah, I rather not. I'd love to keep my brain cells.

Twifan: How can you survive without reading TWILIGHT?! IT'S THE BEST!!!

Person: Unlike you, I actually want to pass and graduate.
by allergictobullshit May 02, 2010
Sparkling vagina. Not a vampire. Not a fairy. Not the "perfect gentleman". Just a huge, sparkling, vagina.
Obessed teen girl: "Omg, Edward Cullen is the hottest vampire ever!!"
Smart girl: "No, he's not. Hell, he's not even a vampire. He's a sparkling vagina."
by Aunty Pebblz July 25, 2010
Edward Cullen is an idiotic 107 year old virgin who got his glowing crap from the Chernobyl accident, and should die!
Person 1: LIKE OMG, I'm not gonna marry until I find someone like Edward Cullen!!!

Person 2: I hope you like dying alone...
by Randomanzkid August 20, 2009
to be a show off
person 1: omg stop pulling a edward cullen

by peeeegy April 09, 2009
A FICTIONAL character in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga. He is a vampire who does not feed off human blood and sparkles like a diamond in the sun.

His hobbies include watching his 100 year younger girlfriend sleep, watching said girl through others' minds, keeping his virginity, being over-protective, committing suicide and fighting with werewolves.

Many girls have fallen in love with Edward, for he seems to possess some of the best qualities in a man. Countless teenagers have broken up with their boyfriends for not "being more like Edward".

Edward is: a stalker, pedophile, abusive, creepy and really sketchy. But he's sexy, compassionate, intense, stubborn, gorgeous, intelligent, mature and undead.
Edward Cullen is in love with Bella Swan. Good luck, cause she is one whiny chick.
by QuoteGirl December 28, 2009

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