1) Fictional character of the book series "Twiglight". He is supposed to be a mean killer vampire but in reality, he is a pussy who sparkles when exposed to the sun.

Any man who is a fan of Edward Cullen is either gay or a closet homosexual.

2) To look like a flaming faggot.
1) Edward: "This is the face of a monster" (goes under the sun ray... then begins to sparkle like a fairy)

Bella: "OMG, you're beautiful"

Edward: "No shit Sherlock! I'm glittery faggot!"

2) Dude, what are you wearing? You look like Edward Cullen
by BadassDude June 29, 2009
Sparkley sugar daddy (Old men who like to spoil their young girlfriends) that is a peeping tom and has an un-natural obsession with a rather clingy girl.
"Screw Edward Cullen, I support Cedric Diggory"
"Edward Cullen is a great example of dirty old men you usually meet over the internet"
by Snape loves you January 25, 2010
A fag who plans to find over 9000 of the fangirls who masturbate to images of his shrimpdick and cum colored face and then fucks a gay cowboy and dies of AIDS.

And then he will rise from the dead and Anonymous will cut his penis off and then proceed to rub their genitals on his face and then set his faggot body on fire and the world will continue as it was before the fat Mormon who created the monstrosity known as Twilight became known to the current world.

Then the war on Hot Topic and emo children will once again rage on.

The end.
Prima: Edward Cullen is such a faggot.
Secunda: O RLY?
Prima: YA RLY.
Secunda: NO WAI!!11!
(Bricks are shat as Secunda then proceeds to divide by zero.)
by Afroduck's Sidekick February 16, 2009
A fag from the... you know what, I'm not even going to call it a book, and the movie of course is just as horrible... the fag is from Twilight, the book/movie that so many brainless teenage girls are obsessed with. Apparantly, he survives in the sun... bull shit. Also, he apparatnly sparkles... also bull shit.

These teenage fangirls tend to be total bitches on the subject, and will consider you to be pure evil if you don't like Edward Cullen or Twilight.

So basically, he's just a huge fag.
Edward Cullen is a fag, Dracula rocks.
by Non-stereotypical Teenager September 13, 2009
the biggest, ugliest, constipated-looking, non-homosapian to ever be alive. he just needs to get stabbed with a wooden cross and burn in a pit of lava
edward cullen is gayyyy!!!!!
by jamie kelsey June 18, 2009
A creepy, 108-year-old virgin pedophile who stalks a girl with less personality than a rock, invented by Stephanie Meyer to brainwash preteen girls in her plan to controll the world.
For some obscure reason, Edward and his whole vampire group sparkle in the sunlight. This was illistrated in the weirdly popular movie, "Twilight," by a few specks of glitter and the tinkling of fairy bells.
Edward like to believe that he is a vampire, rather than a scary-looking insomniac with a blood fetish.
See also, stalker,gay,pedophile, creepy, and eunuch
Girl under the age and IQ of 15: "Edward Cullen is great! He's so romantic and protective!"
Girl in possession of braincells: "No. It's called pedophilia."
by einzweidrei April 12, 2010
A sparkling fairy that wants to be goth or emo.
Wanna hear a joke?

Edward Cullen.
by KAGAMlNE February 09, 2010

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