A craddle robbing Vampire, who stalks teenage girls. Steals the heart of Bella then make her a nut and then comes back to her knowing she has nothing better in her life and probably minipulates the fact that she's vulberable and he could do anything he wanted to her because she can't fight back.
(fake not in the sags)
The sun goes down mom called telling asking me about my love interest when Edward comes out of nowhere. i hang up and he tells me to be perfectly still. I close my eys wondering what is he going to do and he kisses me that turns from a peck on the lips to a extreme make out session. He holds me down by my wrist and rips my clothes off and stuffs a shread of my shirt into my mouth muffling my screams. Charlie is on an over nihgt fishing trip. Nobody is home. "Bella stay still and it will be over sooner" He whispers.
I spit out thestrip and say "Edward please no".
"You said you rather die than be without me so do this and you'll have me forever".
Tears stream down my face as he pumps through me smiling each time I beg him to stop. I try to dig my fingers into his granite skin but nothing but throbbing fingers. After an hourof pain from his granite cock going in and out of my body I pull my covers over my body and hejust says "I'll be back tomorrow night I'm your forever Bella"
Why do I still love him, after just having my virginity taken away from me and I didn't even put up a fight, I couldn't he held me down. Like he said as if I could fight him off. Edward Cullen is my love but am I his?
by Beauty_with_a_brain May 17, 2009
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A psycho who goes into girls bedrooms to watch them sleep. May or may not sparkle.
"This guy is a total Edward Cullen! Crept into my room again last night!"
by Bella :T December 29, 2008
A male in Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series.

Often the focus of female teenage trend-follower's wet dreams. How can they not? I mean... he goes into the sun and... SPARKLES! "Yum?"

Right, then.

Overall, a "perfect guy" made by a female writer that appeals heavily to young women or teens. The only reason that he makes me happy, is because it sets each and every fan girl up for a large amount of disappointment when they meet a real man.

Enjoy, Twilight fan-girls. Please be sure to write juicy comments.

P.S.: Please do use proper spelling and grammar when responding. It isn't nice to give people headaches.
My girlfriend is currently trying to remove my nipple for trying to post this entry on the fag, Edward Cullen.

Ow! My Edward Colon!
by OwMyNipple September 03, 2008
1. FICTIONAL sparkly pansy vampire whose only purpose of being is to drop the panties of any girl dumb enough to actually think this fuck is romantic and sexy.

2. Stephanie Meyer's dream man. She fucks him in her sleep because she doesn't get enough loving from her family.

3. Abusive vampire thing who is apparently made of stone or marble or some sort of beautiful white rock.

2. Stephanie Meyer: TAKE ME NOW, EDWARD CULLEN! MARRY ME!!!!

3. Guy: "How'd you get that bruise?"
Twitard: "I was reading Twilight and I was just so turned on by Edward Cullen that I just HAD to bruise myself too! He's cold like marble, you know."
Guy: ".....I'm not fucking you ever."
by NinjaK September 05, 2008
A fictional character, and primary love interest of the first person narrator Isabella Swan in Stephenie Meyer's 'Twilight' series.

He lives in Forks, Washington.

He is a Meyerpire, a being that suffers from a psychosis leading him to believe he is a 'vampire'.

A one hundred and eight year old virgin (until the latest installment 'Breaking Dawn'), he is trapped in the body of a seventeen year old boy, sparkles in the sunlight, has the ability to move super fast (despite the fact that he is described as 'marble-like') and has a wide variety of 'speshul' powers.

He is adored by teenage girls and Catholic priests alike, and is so 'perfect' in every way that he actually shits flowers.

He later becomes the father of Renesmee (Affectionately referred to as 'Nessie' and 'Renestard'), a half-Meyerpire, half-human hybrid who is also 'perfect' and is imprinted on by the self-styled Pedo-Wolf Jacob Black.

He is often used as a reference for unimpressive or ‘pussy’ vampires, despite the fact that he is not in fact a vampire.

See also: Stalker.
"I like glitter... does that make me gay?"

"If you're Edward Cullen."
by Sayer of Many Truths December 21, 2008
Basically a lifeless vampire that brain washes 13 year old girls into thinking hes real. And he sparkles, but only in the sunlight.
Edward: I'm Edward Cullen and I sparkle in the sunlight.

Jacob: bark bark.
by Rickiyson December 21, 2008
A vampire that many girls see as the perfect guy. GET A LIFE, hes from a fiction book. and besides, if a vampire named edward does turn up one day, were guna blow the livin sh*t outa him. not addore him for feeding off livestock.
Girl: Edward Cullen makes my heart beat soare.
Guy: Um, yea, right.......
by wheredtheygo September 14, 2008
every boyfriend's nightmare
Girlfriend: You know, Edward Cullen would never do that
Boyfriend: ?!
by Pink_TeaCupss February 21, 2009

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