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A disease that i got which makes people go crazy about you and stay away from you because it "looks" contagious. If i touch someone they think they have it when it is really nothing. But what it actually is caused by is an inflammation of the epidermis. Also what makes it sucks is that its unbearably itchy.
Example 1:

Person 1: Ryan got a horrible case of eczema.

Person 2: I know. I wouldn't go near him, it looks contagious.

Example 2

Me: Hey Keenan what's up?

Keenan: Don't touch me!!!!!
by Assualt train 92 May 27, 2009
A condition that by any other name would by bloody itchy disease of pain.
Me: Dammit I hate eczema.

Person 1: What the hell is that and is it contagious?

Me: It is something I was born with.

Person 1: Well is it contagious?

Me: Don't be retarded no.
by Cabbages family November 08, 2009
olly has it after smoking sheisha
A:What is that on your face?
A:Why do you have it?
B:I smoked sheisha and had a bad reaction
A:no i have eczema what is THAT??
B:i dont know i cant spell and my head hurts because the spots are on it.
A;so its Acne
B:i suppose
by the father of pindia July 25, 2006
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