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A period of time,in which the earth goes QUACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
Person 1:What was that!?!?!
Person 2:it's a earthquack-
by Fanasyz June 14, 2010
Definition to be still unknown believed to be a legendary pokemon that can shake the earth with only its cries.
Psyduck at powerlevel 999999 of supersaiyan crying Earthquack
by DuckTrainer July 01, 2013
The Anti Ginger Crew
When a duck's quack has such a loud echo that is causes an Earthquake
( which it does it just sounds the sme as the orignal and cant normally be heard)
Duck - "QUACK"
Farmer - "EARTHQUACK!!!!"
by WeeStev0 January 15, 2009
Its a common mistake in typing "earthquake"
Me: Oh my god, There was a huge earthquack last night
Friend: A what..
by Quackles Quackling February 06, 2015
Scientifically questionable medical practitioners who claim to be able to heal earthquake victims with special touching, unproven medicines, etc.
Church of Scientology "volunteer ministers" who claim to be able to heal nervous systems of Haitian earthquake victims by touching them are earthquacks.
by Coyoty January 24, 2010
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