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Also powerlevel.

In anime-related forums, most notably /a/, it refers to the fact that one watches anime or reads manga. It is usually used in the context of keeping it a secret from others.
I was hiding my power level, but somehow my roommate found out about it.
Turns out he had a power level too. And then we had sex
by bfruit October 13, 2013
1. In a game (particularly multiplayer role playing games), to gain experience--and thus levels--at a greater rate than is normally planned for the game; often accomplished with the help of other characters or with the use of exploits.
2. Playing a game for a long session with the specific intent to gain experience--and thus levels.
We are helping powerlevel Bob's character.

The experience is so good here that we're gonna stay and powerlevel.
by Snowblood January 26, 2004
MMORFG term. To increase ones level at a rate which is faster than the normal accepted rate.
Grassie: Damn this shit is lame, i need to power level this character so i can own some fools.
by Sizzlehed August 14, 2006
Level of confidence, ability and/or prowess, particularly with the opposite sex; game.

Derived from Dragon Ball Z, in that the greatest warriors in that anime would have ridiculously high power levels.
So you spent $200 on dinner, took her ass shopping, helped her move out her apartment, and you didn't get no poodabab afterwards? Man, your power level real low.
by mkstyles April 01, 2008
Levels that are usually over nine thousand.

When asked about power levels the only correct response would be to say that they are over nine thousand... screaming.
Veggetta what does it say about his power levels?

Their over NINETHOUSAND!!!
by werdnA nagrenoL May 03, 2009
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