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Empty Toilet Roll Syndrome: syndrome manifested by inconsiderate males between the ages of 12 and 26, the principal symptom of which is an inability to replace empty toilet rolls even if there is a full roll sitting on the back of the toilet or nearby. The major cause is chronic laziness and a selfish lack of concern for other people. The only cure is homeopathic -- i.e., a retaliatory and strategic leaving of an empty toilet roll, ideally when there is no full one available in the bathroom. Other symptoms include leaving pubic hair on the soap in the shower, never picking up the bath mat, and similar antisocial behaviors.
She: I can't believe it, my brother never replaces the empty toilet roll in our bathroom, the lazy bastard.
Her friend: Nor does mine. Obviously, they are both victims of ETRS.
She: What?
Her friend: Empty Toilet Roll Syndrome.
by ring-tailed roarer June 08, 2009
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