A word used by scrabble cheaters.
Scrabble Player: What kind of word is "et"?
Scrabble Cheater: It's a word. Means the same as eat. Like in you et, I et, we all et.
by Dad Wants a Rematch July 22, 2009
when someone has incredibly large and round thumb tips, therefore refuring to ET (the extra terrestrial)
1."Damn ET! Nice thumbs!"
2."Ew she's got ET's thumbs"
"Shut up they're genetic"
by lilsebba May 04, 2009
A girl you go to school with that has an unfortunate and unpronounceable, and often french, name.
"That one girl that always raises her hand during class, the one whose name I can't pronounce."

"Oh, you mean ET. No one really knows what her name is."
by ridikulousbeezy August 20, 2009
A short form of the game Enemy Territory. Not to be confused with E.T, the lonely extraterrestrial.
ETPLAYER: I'm going to go hope and play ET!

Ignorantloserdude: *snicker* You still like that stupid Alien. ET Sucks!!

ETPLAYER: *bang*
by Ajpotter April 27, 2004
isiah irons
isiah dont light your finger up

dont fly away in ur bike basket
by sk8ter June 12, 2003
derived from the word eh
down on your knees et?
by Anonymous March 21, 2003
Similar to something from outerspace - an Extra Testicle
Girl - Why is your nickname ET? Do you really love that movie or something?

Guy - No, I have an extra testicle...

Girl - That's cool.
by Roy October 21, 2003

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