Past tense of "eat" used by illiterate mountain folk.
Pappy: Now wher'd all dem berries go?
Junior: I et 'em!
Pappy: Aw you dun got yerself a whippin'!
Junior: No, Pappy! I promise it won't never happen ag'in!
by Blastmaster June 17, 2003
Your dad
Oh snap look at ET!!!!
by AC December 15, 2003
abbreviation for "eurotrash"
*psst* Dude, check out the ultimate ET at your 3 o'clock! Popped collar, suit jacket, and sandals!
by Zelman October 26, 2006
The introduction of one's digit into another's anus, especially durng sex, resulting in a brown finger/tip; caused by a torpedo in the tube, a turtle head ready to poke out.
Poop in the shute.
Dang!!! I was BDP'ing this chick, gave 'er a finger up the ass, and ran into a turd!!!
Dude, you got ET'd!!!That's AWESOME!!!!
by the snake & caca ferguson October 03, 2006
telling a lie
or telling something that is completely stupid. (an eff-up statement)
"et, your mouf needs to stop tellin them lies"

girl-"i would totally hook up with ryan!"
boy-"thats a major et! dude is hella weird!"

"stop etting. you're an etter on the real!"
by BREnicole February 12, 2009
"et" is the short form of CastleWolfenstein EnemyTerritory. EnemyTerritory is a 3D-Multiplayer-Shooter wich is very popular. It is the third part of CastleWolfenstein. The first one was an pretty old DooM-like game called Wolf3D, the second one was in stores about 8 (or sth) years later and called Return to Castle Wolfenstein. The 3rd game called EnemyTerritory is like CastleWolfenstein but better. The biggest difference between RTCW and ET is that ET is a free mp(Multiplayer)-only game.
Would you like to join my new et clan??
-Yeah, i love to play et.
by brainwashington January 10, 2004
Cory Miranda (fish head)
Somtimes I see e-t leave school on his bike while sprinkling skittles
by Down with et November 03, 2003

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