An alien that a kid in my class keeps having dreams about, and is in funny pictures now.
I had another dream about E.T. Last night!
by Anonymous May 21, 2003
All of the following to qualify as a "E.T.":
1.Her name must be Erica.
2.His name must be Tommy
3.Her favorite movie must be The Notebook.
4.The girl must be sweet enough that she wouldn't hurt a fly but instead give it a bed and breakfast and allow it to stay as long as it wants. When necessary she may need to release all of the bull shit people give her and have a who fucking cares moment.
5.They can't live in the same town.....unless he moves:)
6.The guy must say Erica to her before telling her goodnight. If he fails to remember then he will get put in jail for 50 years or just have to kiss her good bye.(Her choice)
7.If he is being a dick, man whore, or anything else Erica may not like she should tell him. He may not realize that he is but all he wants to do is make sure she is happy, when shes happy he's happy. So when he IS, she should TELL HIM right at that moment.
8.He must wear Pink and Green shoes(different colors on each foot)
9.She has been the best friend friend a guy could have. He doesn't have really anybody he can tell things because he goes to a big school where you don't get that close to people. She probably ever understand what she means to him. She has changed him in so many ways just by being there for him.
He wishes he could see her every day but the couple of hours he may have with her every couple of months means more than anything in the world to. He is wondering if she reads this....she should text him every time she reads this:)
They are such a E.T. said Rachel.

They ain't no aliens girl! De'Marcus said with a black voice.

No, I mean they are E.T.'s. Explained Rachel.

Whatchu talkin bout Willis!?! Questioned De'Marcus.

Nevermind! yelled Rachel.
by Erica's Boyfriend September 19, 2011
E.T was a good alien, but is usually affiliated with a muslim, but he is quiet the opposite....
e.g E.T looked better, he smelt better, he learnt English, he didnt claim benefits, had his own fucking bike and wanted to go home
by jonny morgan November 11, 2006
Shaun Harris - aka a tardish moron
Big Fat Round Cuntz
by Nedwos February 27, 2004
When one gets half a boner then hides it using the stretchy, extra-skin, of his nuts causing a third testicle look 2 one's nuts!
When he busted out the E.T. she ran screaming, "HE HAS THREE NUTZ!!!!!"
by big T 420 January 02, 2007
1. Extra Terrestrial
2. A rate (job) in the Navy which stands for Electronics Technician. The smartest group of individuals in the Armed Forces, let alone the Navy.
1. The Japanese still love that movie ET.
2. 'We need to get the system up! Call an ET over here now!'
by dougesoul March 26, 2003
1) A suffix that can be added on to most male nouns in the english language to make them feminine

2) Extra Terrestrial - Directed by Steven Spielberg. (1982)

3) The french word for and

4) Enemy Territory

5) Extra testicle

1. dudet, etc.

2. E.T. phone home...

3. jambon et fromage

4. My friend plays ET

5. Oh shit, I've sprouted an ET
by Chase88 December 29, 2008

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