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when you call someone a rat via e-mail
Guy 1: "Jesus, John is such a little rat, he probably sleeps in cheese!"

Guy 2: "I know, i'm gonna send him an E-rat as soon as I get home...."
by tillyjr November 20, 2009
A sound from the 1987 Technos video game Super Dodgeball.

The sound comes from one player being hit with tremendous force by the other with the dodgeball. The player being hit is blown off the playing field.

The sound is attributed to some one who tells a lame ass joke.
Matt: Dude, wanna hear a dirty joke?

Chris: What

Matt: Chris fell in the mudd

Chris: ERAT
by TBurger Man September 29, 2006
A word used in place of "Alright", also used with "Tat" instead of "Tight".
"Well then erat"
"That's Tat Erat!"
"I'll talk to you later" "Erat"
by agr33n3rfilm February 22, 2005
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