refers to students in the Ebonics Language program at the University at Albany, State University of New York; also a SUNY Albany gang
"Yo son, dat boy be eYOp as all hell yo!"
by Heywood Jablomi August 27, 2003
Another way of expressing excitement and/or enthusiasm.
Im really EOP to go to that huge party tonight!
by Bubby likes chocolate August 01, 2009
End Of Play - Referring to the close of business of a particular company or organisation.
I'll let you have an answer by the EOP
by Ed Sullivan-Pond August 28, 2007
Equal Opportunity Provider: a prostitute who does not discriminate on age, race, color or background of clients.
i love how these hookers will see a black man like me, that's because she is EOP
by arkane220 August 06, 2010
E- Equal
O- Opportunity

P- Player

A guy who will fuck any girl not putting anyone down for race or any uncontrollable attribute.
Me- Bro your such an EOP
other guy- why
Me- you fucked 3 girls in one night and they were all different races
by The other player September 14, 2011
A RuneScape clan also called "Eruption Of Pussies"
EOP & TLP are very tight.
TLP ~ Tight Little Pussies
by Zibx January 03, 2008
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