Electro Magnetic Fields- the numbers that show if there is paranormal activity. For example, if the number indicates that an EMF reading is high (i.e, 8.9), it means there is a certain sure of paranormal activity
TAPS members Steve & Brian on the Sci-Fi channel most of the time get high EMF readings
by Nick12 November 23, 2006
Epic Mega Fail - Used when someone fails so much at something that you cannot just simply call them a failure but you must call them an "epic mega failure".
Person A: m8,, i jst got an kill
Person B: Making you 1-76.
Person C: LOL, wow. EMF.
by Strelic February 21, 2010
a pretty big gang in alot of areas!El Monte Flores!

stupid faggot wannabe"hey foo where you from!"

OG Gangster"hey puta, te voy a matar pinche culero!this is EMF panocha!"
by markhummie November 13, 2007
One Hit Wonder who's song "Unbelieveable" was stuck in everyone's head all through the '90s. EMF stands for "Epsom Mad Funkers" according to the band, but outraged elderly women swear it stands for "-Something- Mother Fuckers."
Person 1: "Yo, I totally have EMF stuck in my head! 'You're Unbelieveable...oohh!!'" *begins to drill through skull.*
by RIP_Freddy_Mercury June 22, 2005
Excuse My French
"Fuck you bitch." Oh sorry, EMF!
by danieb April 16, 2010
Ethnicity / married / looking for

A continuation of asl

Basically asking for more specific details about a person
Girl: asl
Boy: 20 / m / usa
Girl: emf
Boy: White / single / a gooood time ;)
by harikari May 03, 2011
The legendary resident of East PennsylMerica who is singlehandedly responsible for the vast majority of screams, grunts, airhorn blasts, jeep maulings, car crashes involving telephone poles, driveby Tonk-Tonk yellings, impressions of that fucking bear from Harvey Birdman and high-power muzzle flashes that occur in the Lehigh Valley. He is also an excellent and severely brutal mechanic, though sometimes known to intentionally self-immolate for his own amusement while on the clock at Junk-n-Shit Slowlube. Known to hang out with The Devil alot, over down there by the NW Field. E.M.F. is not to be trifled with, especially by those ascot-sporting foofter Hogwarts kids he verbally assaulted at Macs awhile back. Further proof that in addition to being a Kraut and hating republicans because they steal from us, he is also Really Fucking Loud.
E.M.F. once famously invented the word Dingleslaps on the same day his mother coined the term Muffinchops. Brutal.
by spanky mackockleberrie October 04, 2010

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