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1. agreeing/aknowledging something.
2. a greeting.
3. describing something - add ly
4. used in conjunction with murr
5. can be added to the end of a word to give it greater meaning
1. going to the movies tonight?
2. dude!
3. we did it niosly
4. lets murr niosly
5. that shit is phatinios
by Baer September 21, 2003
a pack of cigarettes, usually 25
dude, you gonna go pick us up a deck?
by Baer November 01, 2003
Early Morning Fat.

Large erection found (usually) on men when they wake up, often at early hours.
I woke up this morning and the missus was riding my EMF.
by Baer October 01, 2004
1. any movement at all
2. can be used in conjunction with nios
1. we murred to the station
lets murr away
he murred me in the arm (punched me in the arm)
2. lets murr niosly
by Baer September 21, 2003

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