Like Suck my dick (smd) but Eat my fanny (emf)
Guy: smd hoe!

Girl: no, emf bro!
by blankok November 15, 2010
An acronym for Electro-Motive Force, which is really a misconception in the world of physics, carried over many decades due to "convention". EMF was originally thought to be responsible for moving positive charge carriers through a medium, and of course, this was later found to be incorrect. Along with the fact that electrons are in fact negative charge carriers.
The EMF in a electrical circuit loop equals the product of the resistances and the respective currents through the resistances.
by TheEnglightened December 21, 2004
The legendary resident of East PennsylMerica who is singlehandedly responsible for the vast majority of screams, grunts, airhorn blasts, jeep maulings, car crashes involving telephone poles, driveby Tonk-Tonk yellings, impressions of that fucking bear from Harvey Birdman and high-power muzzle flashes that occur in the Lehigh Valley. He is also an excellent and severely brutal mechanic, though sometimes known to intentionally self-immolate for his own amusement while on the clock at Junk-n-Shit Slowlube. Known to hang out with The Devil alot, over down there by the NW Field. E.M.F. is not to be trifled with, especially by those ascot-sporting foofter Hogwarts kids he verbally assaulted at Macs awhile back. Further proof that in addition to being a Kraut and hating republicans because they steal from us, he is also Really Fucking Loud.
E.M.F. once famously invented the word Dingleslaps on the same day his mother coined the term Muffinchops. Brutal.
by spanky mackockleberrie October 04, 2010
Early Morning Fat.

Large erection found (usually) on men when they wake up, often at early hours.
I woke up this morning and the missus was riding my EMF.
by Baer October 01, 2004
Eat My Fuck, derived from broken English.
1. You're such a looser, I don't have to listen to you - EMF
2. *After beating another player* EMF
by LackLust April 16, 2008
Eat My Fuck

E.M.F. was coined by G.G. Allin on his album "Eat My Fuc" (With no "K")
EMF you cock smokeing whore! Or I'm gonna rape you!
by Ourlaw Scumfuc January 13, 2008
Electrocute My Foot
EMF - Used when something really freaky happens. Created by two really bored friends when one of them possibly electrocuted their foot.
by EMF Creator April 17, 2009
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