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One Hit Wonder who's song "Unbelieveable" was stuck in everyone's head all through the '90s. EMF stands for "Epsom Mad Funkers" according to the band, but outraged elderly women swear it stands for "-Something- Mother Fuckers."
Person 1: "Yo, I totally have EMF stuck in my head! 'You're Unbelieveable...oohh!!'" *begins to drill through skull.*
by RIP_Freddy_Mercury June 22, 2005
Someone who's clothing selection has elements of both the emo style and preppy style. They often have dark glasses, hair in their face, and wear bright striped polos and hollister minis. They are not average emo teens, they just like to be "cool" and look like they have so many problems but cannot part with Hollister or Abercrombie.
person 1: "yo, did you see that girl?"
person 2: "yeah, she looks so emo from the neck up, but her clothes are totally from Abercrombie.."
person 3: "yeah, total emoprep"
by RIP_Freddy_Mercury June 22, 2005

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