1. The ultimate Mary Sue fantasy race.

They are longer lived, more noble, more advanced, more refined, more graceful, more beautiful, and otherwise superior to humans in every way. They are particularly beloved by fanboys who perfer their girls to take after those in hentai--slim, slight, pubescent female builds with no public hair and unrealistically perfect skin and composure.

2. A Mary Sue Tolkien race.
My elf figher/mage/thief who dual-weilds +10 scimitars of speed is named "Caraistlehoff" and scores with hot elven women every night!
by Killing Kittens July 17, 2006
Hot bird/girl/chick/dudette that is shorter than 5ft 2in.
Dude 1: Hey dude check out that hot short bird
Dude 2: Yeh dude she's an "elf"
by Nightcrawler2512 November 06, 2008
Santa clause's undercover whores. What do you think he means when he says "hoe hoe hoe" He's calling his friggen' elves.
"Hoe hoe hoe! Come hither elf, I'm rockin shakespear tonight."
by Tee...Royal-Tee April 09, 2008
A mythical being from various corners of the globe such as forests, lakes, mountains and Bristol. Elves are incredibly effeminate and have huge ears so they can hear people saying naughty things about them behind their backs. Which is common place, especially from dwarves apparently. They also don't like cheese
"Elf is gay" - Oldmangaz the Dwarf
by Quilty August 28, 2007
One of the magic forest folks. Usually have long, gold-colored hair, although some can have darker. They are swift with a bow and arrow, and do not have a life span. To be killed, they have to die from an injury. Noted for their pointy ears. (what's the point of being an elf without the ears???)

Also one fo santas squat, chubby little pointy-eared toy-making slaves.
Legolas is such a hot elf, what with that long, blonde hair. And the ears.
creed: my spirit is from god and will go back to god... my only mission to get to heaven... elves are humanoids that possess a personal heaven that they wish to always be a part of and be they are not mischievious but can or have attained that of the perfect to there perception there will be an elven bible written one day that is why they are percieved magical because heaven lives in them
my brother is an elf or of elven hood
by angus macfarlane March 16, 2007
Verb: to decorate a person who has passed out early, for the sake of comedy. Rules vary by social circles, but, in general, falling asleep with one's shoes on means punishment by elfing.
person1: Dude, why does it say 'I heart carson daly' on your forehead?
person2: I got elfed last night.
by russiangopher October 08, 2006

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