n; a person who, for the sole purpose of posting and/or being a part of something that has nothing to do with him, posts a seemingly irrelevant comment in the middle of a conversation over the internet.
masterprocrastinator043: Dude I'm telling you the one on the left looks just like her!

Ubertroll329: I guess there might be some resemblance


masterprocrastinator043: get out of here you elf
by Masterprocrastinator043 November 14, 2010
Epic Laughing Fit
Same principles as LOL..Lmao...Rofl......whatever the kids are saying these day...

So something funny is said and you hate or have become using Lol or any other variations just use ELF.
by RavE-To-ThE-GravE August 12, 2009
Sneaky gits with pointy ears.
The elf said: "look! a marble headed walrus called James is flopping about singing along to Barney The Dinosaur!"
Then he stole my wallet while my back was turned.
by Carpman May 30, 2003
1. Entry Level Faggot; fresh out the closet.
2. Particularly thirsty individuals, not yet mature enough to hold back the dragon.

See: tacky, or, bathroom selfies
The only guy that works at pacsun, he's an E.L.F.
by officer dan August 05, 2015
To be incredibly short and have jerk friends who keep mentioning jokes about you escaping the North Pole. Your ussally able to fit in garbage cans,recycle bins.

the movie elf that is over played at Christmas

The long haired bad ass bow men from lord of the rings
Brandon is such a elf
Why do play elf so much

Elves are way better than dwarves
by The doctor of pubs December 17, 2014
Hot Girl/bird/chick/babe who is shorter than 5ft.

Dude 1: Hey look theres an elf.
Dude 2: Wow your right she is hot.
Dude 1: Dude i love the short ones.
by Nightcrawler2512 November 02, 2008
a person who plays computer games to the extend that they cannot distinguish between reality and the game and cannot function properly in the real world.
that elf threatened to kill me with a rune axe
by clare_bear November 27, 2006
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