Pronunciation of "AILF," which stand for "Asian I'd Like To Fuck."
Guy 1: That japanese girl is hot...
Guy 2: She's a total ELF.
by tmcaffeine February 08, 2009
midget Elvis Presley impersonators.
mini, or miniature Elvis impersonators.
Check out those elves' sideburns.
by gina_argentina October 01, 2008
evil people that come to your house in santas sleigh
an elf are evil because..it just is
by ka-sohn December 24, 2005
A word usually used to describe sexual intercourse, often present as a code word and is imasculating in general.

Can be used humerously to describe the size of a man's penis

Intercourse in its smallest form
Tegan: Elf was shite last night. Barely felt a thing in the beef curtains.
Lisa: Dude! TMI!
Tegan: So how's elfing for you
Lisa: Smallest i've ever seen
by Busty Sinclaire April 20, 2006
Means earth liberation front. An organization of freedom fighters for the earth. They attack organizations that are harming the evironment. Like burning down building development in fragel wilderness areas and large pollutors ect. one saying of theres build it and we will burn it.
John is a member of the E.L.F.
by Deep blue 2012 December 08, 2009
Stands for Extremly Loud Fart.
Man I just E.L.F.ed in the car and it stinks.
by dagger1504 September 27, 2005
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