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It's an expression to say you've got to do something. To do your duty or when something reminds you to do your duty.
An simple example of this is:
When your you're chilling on a sofa and suddenly your baby starts crying and you gotta check it out, then you might say: Oops! Duty calls!!
by Luiz Fernando January 29, 2009
Much like a Booty Call, this occurs when a dude calls another dude at an ungodly hour (possibly drunk) to play Call of Duty.
Dude1: "Hey, what's up, you... awake?"
Dude2: "Dude, it's 2:30 in the morning."
Dude1: "Yeah, I just got home from the bar. You, uh, you want to come over and play some Modern Warfare 2?"
Dude2: "Dude, I can't be your Duty Call tonight, I have work in the morning."
Dude1: "C'mon, I need you... to help clear out the favela on veteran in spec ops mode."
Dude2: "I'm there, my job sucks anyway."
by HardluckMovies November 20, 2009
Similar to a booty call, except that the summoned departs to play a Call of Duty game online rather than any sexual acts.
He got a Duty call and was up late yelling and screaming at his xbox.
by Rich Yorick November 24, 2010
Similar to a booty call, during a Duty Call a guy texts you for entertainment when he has been slayed during duty and is waiting.
Kristen: He was totally Duty Calling me last night.
by aleacim March 19, 2010
when one friend calls another friend to join him/her online for a Call of Duty game. Similar to a bootycall.
Man it's late, I better make my dutycall so I don't have to play by myself.
by nhersh33 November 22, 2010
when a man has a one night stand with a woman that has just lost her husband to war
"hey Bob, do you want to go to the bar with me and a few buddies tonight?"
"Oh no thank you Jeff. I heard Janet from down the street lost her husband in Iraq, so i have duty call."
by lyricall mad-libs April 05, 2010
A booty call while playing Call of Duty 4.
When my friends left my house, i got bored and called Liz. Total Duty Call!
by travlax April 22, 2009