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This can be used to describe music such as Dubstep. It specifically describes the bass 'drop', which in most songs drops to an incredibly low level and then does wobbles characteristic of Dubstep music. All in all, making the person either, smile, or shit their pants.
Person 1: Dis choon is baree dutty
Person 2: Yah man, alie
by FriarBen September 02, 2010
Being dirty, dumb and ugly.
That rory tinker kid is dutty!
by epicmatt123 September 28, 2011
A word meaning dirty or disgusting

also shortened to 'dut'
"She was fucking dutty"

"That girl is dut"

"I wouldnt eat that it looks proper dutty"
by Endeva July 13, 2005
A term used on fashion forum fuk.co.uk when referring to scamming an item (usually dior homme) by placing it on ebay and selling it for high profit.

That person is a dutty - That person is a dirty reseller

Im going to dutty my Dior homme top - Im going to resell my dior homme top at a profit.
by PAND August 06, 2006
Adjective used to mean something wicked, amazing. Can be used in a sexual connotation as well.
Check out that dutty ass!
by Julia March 13, 2004
1. A way Sean Paul sayz holla 2 his whole dutty cup crew.
2. A way 2 give a shout out.
3. Holla
4. Big up
(should only b sed by sum1 wit a caribbean background)
1. 'Dutty Yo'
-- Sean Paul
2. Holla baq dutty!
3. Dutty!
4. Yo Dutty!
by LaLa January 02, 2004
An already smoked marijuana pipe
That's a dutty.
by Ching-a-ling November 02, 2003