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Someone who is oblivious to what is going on at all times. He is very dumfounded of the environment around him.
A kid who throws a firework with the lighter into a lake. Not relizing until about five minutes later.

"Dude wheres the lighter?"

"I dont know man I think i lost it in the lake."

"Dude your such a Dutters!"
by Dean Leventis March 13, 2008
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A verb, noun, or adjective which negativly describes anything.
"You really duttered that one."

"Shut your dutter, or I'll beat the dutter out of you!"

"Ohhh man!!! That shit smells like dutter!"

"You really duttered it up this time." (Referring to doing something horrible such as running over an elderly woman, eating poison, or committing a crime and subsequently facing criminal charges.)

"SHIT! I gotta drop a huge dutter!" (referring to taking a shit after eating $17 worth of McDonalds food)

by Kyle Dutter September 28, 2007
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Something or someone who is extremely strange and weird, but very lovable and adorable.
"Your silly, your a Dutter ,"
"You really just licked me? Wow your such a Dutter ,"
"I love you, my Dutter ,"
by Zo-zo-zoeee February 17, 2009
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'that girl is dutters'as in ugly,manky and jus plain errrr
by chamari January 09, 2008
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A person with multiple penises in the formation of a cow's utter
I got four people to jack off my utter last night.

It's really difficult to manuver four people on my dutter during intercourse.
by Disneydutter August 13, 2016
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