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A word apparently thought of (but certainly used by) by comedian Eddie Murphy when he did a show he dubbed 'Delirious'.
They looked at eachother and said.."Goonigoogoo!" - Eddie Murphy.
by Kef-Meister December 21, 2004
Dutch or Dutchie;

Inhabitant of The Netherlands, a small country in Europe. Contrary to popular belief, they do not wear clogs all the time.
1: Did you see that Dutchie?
2: What Dutchie? I thought those wore clogs?
by Kef-Meister December 22, 2004
OLL (Oh-El-El) is a term meaning Online Life.
It is mainly used by a group of elite users and found it's origin when one of them tried to seperate his Real Life (IRL) and his Online Life (OLL).
Kef: D00d, my OLL is so screwed.
Other elite: Try living IRL once, you l0ser.
by Kef-Meister January 28, 2006

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