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Someone who is simply amazing, takes your breath away, leaves you with a smile on your face. The boy of your dreams. Someone who'll always be there for you, cheers you up, never makes you upset, doesn't lie or cheat. ALWAYS honest. Reminds you how lucky he is to have you, tells you how beautiful you are regardless what you look like. The boy you never want to lose. The one you love no matter what and he loves you no matter what.
1. Furkan is the perfect boy!
by lhdfdsbfudsbfdlgbgs;kbg December 03, 2013
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a don, a master of life, an extreme gamer, someone wedge (strong), all ways up 2 no good, can do good accents of people from different countries and has a lot of friends
sohaib: you see that guy over there?
pierre: ye, i do
Sohaib: he's a furkan and a pure don
by FK_Assassin May 31, 2011

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