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The action of pooping in your hand and rolling the feces into a suitable shape for a chocolate. Then, spraying the feces with perfume to hide the odor. The person will then wrap the feces in cellophane and leave it somewhere where a person will find it.
Rob:Hey Bob, can you believe Joe actually ate the Dutch Chocolate?

Bob: Oh my god really? Eww!
by suzantzegreat December 08, 2012
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It is a treatment for men who suffer of premature ejaculation. The treatment involves a man having sex with a dutch girl who proceeds, after a premature ejaculation, to defecate on the mans chest. This treatement helps men who suffer of PE, to hold on to their semen longer while having sexual intercourse with a woman and/or man.
John: "Hey dude I ejaculate too fast and my woman does not like it! I've tried everything, even extasis, and nothing works. What can I do?"

Tito: "Dude, get a dutch chocolate! I know this dutch girl Marieke, she knows whats up!"
by Frank Cardona October 24, 2008

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