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see amazing, beautiful, perfect, cute, gorgeous, nice, and sexy. The best girl in the whole world!
I am so lucky to have a Marieke!
by drock4793 November 30, 2011
A drop-dead gorgeous girl who everyone loves. She always wears the best clothes and dances beautifully.
Person 1: That girl is definitely a Marieke
by wa1kingdicti0nary December 17, 2011
Marieke is a dutch name what leads to a lot of laughter in Spanisch speeking contries. Apparently. ;-)
A Marieke is a very good friend, who will always tell you what she really thinks :-).
(in Spain)

Friend: "Marieke are you coming?"

Spanish boy (with his friends): "jajajaja!" "Did she really called her friend marica?" LOL
by Tja... February 05, 2010

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